"There is an innermost centre in us all
Where Truth abides in fullness; and to know
Rather consists in opening out a way
Whence the imprisoned splendour may escapeā€¦"

Robert Browning

Welcome all lovers of Yoga!

Meditating Woman with Candle

Yoga has certainly come into its own over the past few decades. It is now widely recognised as an invaluable aid to personal fulfilment and a more satisfying life.

Many of you will agree that there should be something more to life than the constant rush to get things done, to meet the demands of family, work and social engagements. While it is true to say that our fundamental needs revolve around survival, why do we find it most difficult of all just to sit and do nothing.

As a countermeasure to the physical and mental deterioration that results from our rather frenzied lifestyle, the practice of yoga has proved itself over these many years. Yoga will make us feel better in ourselves and about ourselves in the modern world.