The Yoga Centre

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The Yoga Centre is Limerick's only designated yoga space.

You will find us in one of Limerick's historical Georgian buildings at the top of O’Connell St. near the O’Connell monument. Formerly known as The Old Crescent College, it is now administered as a tutorial school for young students. We occupy a room on the 1st floor, to the left at the landing. The room is kept exclusively for yoga classes and is fully equipped with mats, blankets, blocks and meditation stools.

We arrange classes over three terms throughout the year and throughout the week from Monday to Thursday, morning, lunchtime and evening to suit beginners and more advanced practitioners. We devote the entire Thursday evening exclusively to the needs of the pregnant student, who find this practice extremely beneficial in preparation for the birthing process.


Founded in the early eighties, The Yoga Centre has been administered by a succession of teachers over the years.

It enjoys a reputation for excellence that is second to none; all teachers hold qualifications from well established and reputable yoga schools and have enjoyed many years of teaching experience. They continue their training through regular attendance with their own teachers gaining an ever deepening awareness of the power of yoga to create beneficial changes in their own lives and in the lives of their students.

Classes are based on the classical form taught for centuries, including postures, breath work, relaxation techniques and meditation. Great emphasis is placed on adapting the various techniques to the needs of the student.

We hold to the traditional philosophy that yoga is for everybody, the youth and the mature, men and women from all stations in life.