Health Benefits

Everyday Benefits

As a countermeasure to the physical and mental deterioration that results from our rather frenzied lifestyle, the practice of yoga has proved itself over these many years.

Yoga will make us feel better in ourselves and about ourselves in the modern world. The practice develops a sense of well being and brings us feelings of vitality and joy.

In yoga, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the health and well being of the whole person, beginning with the body that he or she inhabits. I’m sure you will agree that it’s difficult to be cheerful if the back is out or concentrate on your work if you have a splitting headache.

This ancient system combines a set of techniques that will begin to realign the body, bone on bone, help eliminate mood swings and bring about a clearer and more optimistic frame of mind.

As the internal conflicts are subdued, that tight, anxiety ridden feeling begins to melt away. The body, emotions and thought processes become allies, the result of which is a gradual awakening of the intuitive faculty, that inner compass which will always lead us straight and true.

We learn to live our lives in a relaxed way, without rush or fuss, accomplishing more and becoming more in the process.