Health Benefits

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga can be a wonderful way to put aside time for yourself and your baby.

The practice of pregnancy yoga can help you to meet the challenges and changes which occur on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual, with strength, confidence and calm.

You will learn safe, gentle movements, and stretches, to help open the body and alleviate some common discomforts of pregnancy.

Breathing practices will help you remain calm and focused during pregnancy and during the birth itself.

Relaxation and meditation techniques will help you to deeply relax and release deep-rooted tensions and fears.

You may begin pregnancy yoga after 14 weeks.


I had a beautiful baby boy yesterday morning; the perfect Christmas present :) his name is Rian. I just wanted to thank you so much for everything I learned in your classes. My contractions came from nowhere and 3 mins apart. I instictively used the golden thread breath and calling my awareness to the breath while being aware of all things in my environment. I also used 'me and my baby are happy and healthy' to focus my mind. Again I cant thank you enough as I had no time for pain relief before my son arrived- and he was certainly in a hurry. The midwives were impressed with these skills too and couldn't believe I was practising yoga.
I will definitely recommend yoga for anyone I meet.
Thank you so much again- one of the best decisions I ever made!

Aisling and Rian :)

Baby Fionn came two weeks early and arrived at 1.25am on Mother's Day.
I managed to go with the tens machine and my gentle birth training until the last 25mins when I got to the labor suite. From there I gladly took the gas and air. I was delighted to go with as little intervention as possible as recovery is much quicker.
I found your classes amazing. I have been telling a lot of expectant mums about the classes and will continue to sing your praises.
Thank you again for aiding me with the tools needed to keep calm during birth. The golden thread breath was an essential part of my labor.